In my time in office, I have been a key voice in revitalizing all of the major parks and many of the neighbourhood parks of our city. Our municipal parks are the green lungs of our city. This is where our residents appreciate the calming effects of the natural environment, engage in sports, play with their children and simply relax.

The first park I fought for was the Memorial Centre Park, followed by Lake Ontario Park. In the last term, my motion led to the revitalization of Doug Fluhrer Park. This long park runs along the river from the end of Wellington Street to the Woolen Mill and Cataraqui Street. It has been a key area for community groups such as the Friends of Kingston Inner Harbour and the Swamp Ward Inner Harbour History Project. Thanks to key community members, art is now gracing the retaining wall along the North of the park, pathways are renewed and safer, and new trees have been planted.

These parks provide access to nature and the water, creating a physically and spiritually nourishing place to go.