I am proud of my part in the City’s employment strategies. As the City has continued to transition from its more industrial past we, as a City, have had to develop better ways to facilitate investment and employment for our residents. As a member of Council I have:
  • supported the continuance of the City’s ground-breaking Brownfields program, turning contaminated property into tax producing assets;
  • supported the purchase and development of new employment lands in order to attract industrial and commercial businesses;
  • strongly supported and initiated programs that improve the City’s quality of life for all its citizens and make Kingston an attractive place to work, visit and invest in.
Park and recreation upgrades, improved transit, heritage protection, environmental improvements, waterfront access, affordable housing and other programs all improve our life circumstances by attracting new residents and potential investors to our city.
I have also strongly supported the renewal of our underground infrastructure with Utilities Kingston through the downtown Big Dig, water and sewer plant upgrades, gas and fibre optic cable improvements—without which new development, redevelopment and intensification could not occur. I have long championed the renewal of the Old Industrial Area which is now beginning through the North King’s Town Secondary Plan process. Hopefully this will lay the foundation for new investment and employment opportunities in King’s Town District.